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All pools need chemicals to stay clean, but the fewer chemicals your pool needs, the healthier it is for you and your family.


Aquabot pool cleaners provide crystal clear water, fewer chemicals and a healthier clean. Aquabot cleaners remove more dirt and debris from surfaces to keep your pool physically cleaner so it needs fewer chemicals. The Mamba suction pool cleaner is designed for all pool sizes and shapes. It works on all sizes of above ground pools and small size in-ground pools. It is effective on tile, vinyl, gunite and fiberglass surfaces. Using the flow created by your filter pump, it can be easily connected to your skimmer vacuum plate to scrub and vacuum your pool and most walls. The dual suction design ensures your pump and filter is never starved for water and helps your equipment last longer.


The Mamba cleaner includes a 32-foot hose and a flow regulator.


Aqua Products, Inc. is an American born, American based company and its domestic operation proudly produces its leading engineered robotic technologies in the United States. We are dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and production of a consumer product that allows you to enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it all the time.


Aqua Products has a toll-free, USA based Customer Service department at 800-845-4856.

AZ Mamba Automatic Suction Cleaner