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Simple Startup Kits!  
Treats up to 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 Gallons!

Chemical Packages customized by pool size!

Why use Borates?

How Supreme Plus Works

Supreme Plus is a one time additive that is compatible with all types of sanitizers. In comparison to other chemicals, it is not susceptible to UV. The only ways to remove borates from the pool would be by backwashing, draining or splashing water out of the pool. Once introduced to the water, Supreme Plus shifts the carbonic equilibrium leaving less carbon dioxide for the algae. It does not kill algae but it will starve it of the nutrients it needs to photosynthesize making it a challenge for the algae spores to bloom. This significantly reduces sanitizer consumption and maintenance along with improving the quality of the pool water. There is NO generator needed and it will provide less acidic water.

What Supreme Plus Does

Supreme Plus will buffer the PH levels keeping it in proper range which also helps the rest of the chemicals work more efficiently. It will mimic most of the effects a salt generator would have by reducing maintenance, reducing eye and skin irritation, stabilizing chemical levels, preventing scale and algae growth, reducing sanitizer consumption by improving sanitizer efficiency by 35-50% and providing a softer feel to the water all while giving the pool a crisp and crystal clear shine!

Which type of filter is for you?

Cartridge Filter:

Sand Filter:

Simple to maintain and light weight but requires you to clean your cartridge when your gauge increases by 8-10 PSI. Remove the cartridge, rinse it thoroughly, place it back in and youre ready to go.

cartridge filter.webp

A Heavier design typically requires you to backwash when your gauge reads an extra 5-10 PSI and to replace your sand about every two years.

sand filter.jpeg

We offer Variable Speed & Dual Speed Pumps

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